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Year End Financial Planning Checklist

2022 is coming to a close, and it's time to reflect on the financial milestones you hit this year, and how to make next year even better.

It is only natural as the year comes to a close to think about your goals — professionally, personally, and financially. And we are always here to help with those financial goals.

Here are 11 personal finance tips to check into as the year ends to prepare you for an amazing year to come:

1. Review or update your beneficiary designations

2. Review tax withholdings

3. Review your insurance needs

4. Review your portfolio — diversify if need be

5. Spend eligible flex dollars

6. Check in on your emergency savings account

7. Review your credit/debt

8. If you have kids, contribute to their college fund

9. Make charitable donations

10. Think about estate planning

11. Start preparing for the future — and future memories

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